Zach /zęk/ Spelled Pronunciation [zak]

–noun a male given name, form of Zachary or Zachariah.

Also, Zack.
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Ruckus Rhubarb:Monkey Business INC
by Xaak Doyle

In all other cases, you'll see, I get the job done. I just don't give opinions based on my vast experience on CMN and Faux News and do personal protection for the stars and keep uranus out of trouble, but I also live the life of a Playboy. The women, they love me. The men, they envy me. All the others, they're out to get me. And I'm right here waiting for them. So if the poop has hit the fan, duck, hit me up, and I'll pull you're tail out of the fire.
I'm your Man!
Its a Jungle out there, so when it gets bad, you're going to need me. I'm not just a great detective with boyish good looks, but I'm damned good at getting the job done when other people fail. I'm not afraid of terrorists, radicalized psychopaths, sociopaths with tons of money that have lost a sense of the human condition or that insane spouse of yours that just caught you in bed with her best friend. Wait, that was her sister? Brother, you're on your own with that one.
Xaak Doyle
Xaak Doyle
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