Zach /zęk/ Spelled Pronunciation [zak]

–noun a male given name, form of Zachary or Zachariah.

Also, Zack.
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Ipadidymus, you see, wasn't exactly a gnome. Nor was he a dwarf, an elf or a pixie. Ipadidymus, well, he was different, though to hear him tell it, he was the same, only better. And so went life in Norge Hollow.

To Gnome Me by Xaak Doyle

Elwick and Emmabonk Buzzbink have a perplexing conundrum, how to keep their friends in Norge Hollow calm amongst all of the widespread changes that have been taking place.
Emmabonk's dear friend, Lizatink Socketberry, was always so supportive of both she and Elwick, but then, suddenly, a new face came along and placed a division within the gnomish community.
Gramble Grindneedle, equally concerned, and a loud voice for such a tiny little gnome, would just not let things be. While he toiled for the good of Norge Hollow, sometimes what he thought to be better, was not better at all.
Xaak Doyle
Xaak Doyle
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