Zach /zęk/ Spelled Pronunciation [zak]

–noun a male given name, form of Zachary or Zachariah.

Also, Zack.
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Together Maxwell and Lucky were on their way, the road trip of a lifetime that they never expected, and the path they knew they had to follow.

Maxwell & Lucky by Xaak Doyle

There are times when a man's word is all that he has left, and he must be true to it.
Through everything that life could throw at him, he kept on; relentless to make sure he delivered on his promise. It wasn't just important to him; it was everything he had left, and all that he could give.
Lucas Sweets found himself in just that situation and was committed to show that his promise was not a series of shallow spoken words that he would soon forget. He would have to stand strong, face any adversity, and let his integrity speak for itself. And when that promise is to a best friend, even a new best friend, he would not fail.
He could not fail.
Xaak Doyle
Xaak Doyle
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